Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finance Service in India

Hi Fellow Entrepreneurs,

Let’s take privilege to introduce ourselves. Well, our business name is MS Technofin & Business Solutions.

We provide finance, loan and help our clients to get funds for business expansion, factory expansion, new project launch, facility enhancement, business remodeling and restructuring, and everything in between where any business owner feels the need of additional finance or where any skilled person needs required finance to start-off his venture.

We know finance is like what blood is for the body—without which it can’t function properly!

If you seriously looking to get sufficient finance for your new or existing business get in touch with us at:

BUT, before you contact us, make sure you have following documents handy:

  1. Project report
  2. Audit report with balance sheet (3 years)
  3. Net worth (status of a person or company)
  4. Utilization of funds
  5. Security documents (double the loan amount)
  6. Personal insurance document (if any)


  • Processing fee will be 1.5% of loan amount payable when party will get MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) & LOI (Letter of Intent) + LOC (Letter of Confirmation).
  • All payments will be made by checks.
  • Agent commission will be 4% of loan amount.

Everything would be dealt under the guidelines of RBI. All payments will be by cheque only. You will get finance from NRI funds and other sources of repute. We have financed many projects, such as one Beer factory at Ponta Sahib (HP) that will be launched in 2010, ABW Group, a leading construction company in India, currently are commissioning a new housing-cum-business project in Sarai Rohilla, New Delhi and many others (details available on request at the face of your further interest).

Not just individual parties but even agents are also welcome. Serious enquiries only! Please contact us if that sounds like music to your ears and you wish to hear at:

Note : - Only big enquiry will be entertained, i.e. more than 5 cr. e9mi3kyszr